Ten After Dawn - Visions single cover

Ten After Dawn release their single “Visions” through MPM.

Available from all the most popular downloadable/online digital stores and players.

Music & Lyrics Teemu Salo / Arranged by Teemu Salo & Toni Viholainen
Recorded & Produced by Teemu Salo at DH Studios
Vocal Recordings by Tommi Salomaa at Salomaa Sounds

Mixed by Anton Valle & Teemu Salo at MASSIVE Helsinki & DH Studio
Mastered by Henkka Niemistö at Chartmakers

Cover Photo By Liisa Ketonen
Art Design by Andy McGrath for Macaroni Penguin Music

Released 15 June 2015
©&P Teemu Salo
Macaronipenquinmusic 2015
All rights reserved.