We are honoured to confirm Resolution 13 as our latest MPM signing (label, bookings and PR). Teemu will be taking care of their bookings and management and we look forward to new shows and material during the coming year.

Reolution 13’s music and sound is hard, down tuned guitar riffs, ultra low bass frequencies, supersonic synths, war battalion like drumming and vocals from hard growling, note screaming to clean, pure vocal work.
What this band offers is to be a good hard smashing live band – an overdose of both hard-heavy and beautiful harmonies in
industrial-like music.!


Guitar:  Tony Buckman a.k.a “Tony B”

Guitar: Gábor Dancs a.k.a “Gabor”

Drums: Marko Lehtinen a.k.a “Dallas 13″

Synth: Demonic

Bass: Ilkka Tanska a.k.a”I.T.”

Vocals: Nico Hartonen a.k.a”Hardtone”

Official web site http://resolution13.com/