About Macaroni Penguin Music

Who we are, what we do and why we do it. Ask Dan about the penguin...

Digital Label

MPM can help you get your music out there in terms of promotional events, digital releases, artwork design and much more. Take control of as much as you want and let us do the rest.


We arrange live events for you in a variety of professional venues giving your music some valuable exposure and and allowing our artists to focus on the playing experience.


MPM has a small dedicated team available to help you organise and structure your work all the way through to final production and performance.

What is Macaroni Penguin Music?

A digital record label.....and more!


Macaroni Penguin Music (MPM) was set up in 2013 as a small Finnish based independent record label to serve a number of purposes, predominately within the Finnish and UK music scenes.

There are a good many decent bands out there who were taking on all the extra logistic duties of band/gig promotion, management tasks, label and design work, music release, organising tours, and all the other bits and pieces that go with taking a band up to the next level. All this stuff takes time and effort away from writing and producing the music. So MPM was formed to take these burdens off the artists and make it happen under one roof with a full service.

As MPM is based in Helsinki, Finland, it was clear that the raising of Finnish bands profiles abroad was something that is sadly neglected.

Through event management we have regular “Macaroni Penguin Presents…” gig nights (a showcase of genre crossing talent) and thus are in a position to offer artists live stage time in good venues as well as tours.

We can help bands produce digitally focussed releases of new or existing material to “get their name out there”.

The MPM label can also offer bands only a single element of its business model, for example an already signed band with another label may just want a concert booker in certain countries, a unique feature of a Finnish label.

Daniel Beech

Daniel Beech

CEO - Marketing - Social Media

Dan foundered MPM in 2013 and is the driving force behind the label. Whether it be scouting new artists for the label, organising live events, or simply boozing and schmoozing Dan is there in body or spirit (and occasionally both).


The fact that Dan is also a musician gives him a ground level view of what exactly artists need to move their music up a level.

email: dan(at)macaronipenguinmusic.com

Teemu Mäntynen

Teemu Mäntynen

Bookings (Finland)

Teemu is MPM’s Finnish booking agent. Using his 20+ years of live touring knowledge in his various bands to get the best locations and deals for tours.

Teemu is the singer and guitarist in Crib45, a post-metal band working with MPM. Alongside this, Teemu’s passion for various forms of hard rock and metal and his extensive film knowledge make him the brains of this operation!

email: teemu(at)macaronipenguinmusic.com

Matthew Simpson

Matthew Simpson

Event Coordinator


Matthew’s profile is coming.

email: matthew(at)macaronipenguinmusic.com

Andy McGrath

Andy McGrath


Andy handles all MPM’s artwork and design. This usually includes promotional material for live events but also covers looking after the website and any album or single sleeve artwork that comes around.

What a great guy, but what happened to his hair?

email: andy(at)macaronipenguinmusic.com

Nic Andersson

Nic Andersson

Online Marketing

Online marketing is not the only role Nic undertakes. He also manages Saatanan Marionetit which was one of MPM’s first signings.

Nicolas (another MPM staffer in a band) has a huge passion for metal, he also has the worst haircut MPM has on-board currently.

email: nicholas(at)macaronipenguinmusic.com

Samuel Muir

Samuel Muir

Sound Engineer

Samuel is MPM’s tech’ genius. Taking care of our regular events at Dubrovnik Lounge and Lobby, and working many shows for MPM bands, Samuel’s time is very much in demand.
Samuel’s other vice is fencing (not the wooden one’s separating gardens!). He has fenced for the Finnish national team several times and is not a man to challenge if there’s anything pointy around!

email: samuel(at)macaronipenguinmusic.com