Welcome to our latest band The Fërtility Cült all the way from Tampere, Finland.

It has been said that these boys have been “milking the Cosmic Cow” since late 2008. Not sure what that means but it sure sounds messy.

A band of astral travellers and planewalkers fulfilling pledges to preternatural cosmic cow deities and hypersensual fertility priestesses channeling aural psychotropic revelations from time immemorial through subterranean cults of clandestine rites of fervent nefarious fluid exchanges taking place in ancient isthmic necropolises inhabited by keepers of arcane legacies of feline-headed copulatress hierophants practicing idolatry of lascivious demiurge vixens while listening to Black Sabbath.

More info on this band can be found on our roster page.