Ten After Dawn

Ten After Dawn

Founded in 2009 fusing dark, catchy pop melodies with distorted industrial and synth pop styles, Ten After Dawn is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalists Teemu Salo and Toni Viholainen.
Originally hailing from Imatra, South-Eastern Finland, both Teemu and Toni had many years experience composing, playing and gigging in heavy, grunge and Finnish language rock groups before forming Ten After Dawn.
With Ten After Dawn the duo entered a rarely trod area in Finnish electronic music, mixing dark pop melodies with machine beats, club sounds and dark distorted synths with classic synth-pop influences.

The duo released their first songs “Protest Song” and “Red Carpet Fever” in 2012.
Two became four when Ten After Dawn started playing live shows, with bass and drums added to the mix. Gathering a band of loyal followers, the music developed and took a change of direction to synth-pop and full electro.
Four became three when they found their more full electro sound needed more synth elements live, and the duo added live bass player Erkka Pynnönen at the end of the 2014.

Their new single “Visions” was released through Macaroni Penguin Music on 15th June 2015.
There will be also a chance to hear something different, because some internationally acclaimed artists will give the band the remix treatment of some tracks.

Genres: Electronic – Dark pop – Industrial rock
Official website: Ten After Dawn

Teemu Salo
Toni Viholainen
Erkka Pynnönen


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Ten After Dawn