The Fërtility Cült released their latest album “A Forest of Kings” on 9.9.2016.

Available from downloadable/online digital stores and players.

You can visit the band on facebook to see whats new.

Eduardo Alonso from writes:

Enter into the cosmic world of The Fërtility Cült. This five-piece band from Tampere is dropping some slow-burning tunes of dark textures and prog-rock twists. The Path Is Clear is the first single off the band’s upcoming album entitled A Forest of Kings. Except for this single, which is merely seven minutes long, the rest of the songs are stretched to the 10-minute mark and transit through many different dark places. Sax and keyboards give a retro sound, and while guitar and bass could be heavier and dirtier, they form a good combo.

Have a listen to the album and see what you think: